Prince Novak’s Missal

Prince Novak’s Missal (the Missal of Duke Novak, Misal kneza Novaka) was written by Prince Novak himself in 1368. He gave it as a gift to the church where he would be buried. The missal was bought by his sons in 1405 for a church in Nugla near Roč. The missal consists of 271 parchment leaves measuring 32 cm x 24 cm, with text in two colours structured in two columns. It also contains illuminations depicting the Evangelists, Crucifixion and Christ in the open tomb. It was most likely used as the main model for the preparation of the first book printed in the Croatian language, Missale Romanum Glagoliticum (Misal po zakonu rimskoga Dvora), in 1483. The missal is preserved at the Austrian National Library, in Vienna, and its lavish facsimile edition, accompanied by detailed commentaries, was co-published in 2020 by the Chakavian Assembly in Roč (Katedra Čakavskog sabora), Old Church Slavonic Institute (Staroslavenski institut) and the Mozaik knjiga publishing company. Digital copy is available on the portal of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

Source: Croatian Encyclopaedia and National and University Library in Zagreb