The Berlin Missal

The Berlin Missal  (Missale romanum, slav.) was written in 1402. Bearing the name of the city where it is kept (Staatsbibliothek in Berlin), it is one of the best-preserved Croatian manuscripts in the Glagolitic script. Its measures are 31.5 cm by 21.5 cm, it consists of 218 parchment leaves featuring text arranged in 31 lines and two columns. Each chapter starts with a large, medium or small initial. The missal was written by scribe and illuminator Bartol Krbavac who is considered the author of another two missals. After being brought to Rome in 1627, the missal disappeared without trace in the 18th century. It was only in 1956 that it was discovered in Berlin, as a result of the research by Josip Hamm and the Old Church Slavonic Institute in Zagreb (Staroslavenski institut). The digitized copy is available in the Berlin library, and it can also be accessed on the portal of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

Source: National and University Library in Zagreb