The Baška Tablet

The Baška tablet (Baščanska ploča) is the oldest monument featuring text in the Croatian language and the Glagolitic script, dating from around 1100. The tablet was found in the church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor, near Baška on the island of Krk. It is a stone tablet, 1 m high, 2 m wide and 9 cm thick. The inscription it bears is a deed of gift by which St. Lucy’s church was given land by king Zvonimir. In the text there is the first mention of the Croatian name written in the Croatian language (the king of Croatia – kralj hrvatski). After serving as the altar rail, the tablet was built into the church floor, owing to which it became severely damaged. The tablet is a significant starting point in the research of the Croatian language, literature and the Glagolitic script, also being relevant to the research of the Croatian political history. Since 1934, it has been preserved at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. A digital image of the tablet is available on the portal of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

Source: Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Croatian Encyclopaedia