Glagolitic Spelling Book

Glagolitic Spelling Book (Glagolitic Primer, Introductorium Croatice, Glagoljska početnica) was printed in 1527 in the printing house of Andrea Torresani in Venice. There are five surviving copies (at the National and University Library in Zagreb, in Oxford, Vienna, Saint Petersburg and New York). It consists of 11 pages and is printed in black and red ink. There are 33 Glagolitic letters on the first page followed by prayers and excerpts from the Gospels. Of altogether 32 woodcuts, 20 are within the text and 12 are on one page, representing the Apostles. The colophon features the typographical mark of Andrea Torresani with the text stating the printer, the place and year of publication in two languages and scripts (in the Croatian language and the Glagolitic script, and in the Latin language and script). A reprint with an accompanying transliteration was published in 2007. Digitized copy is available on the portal of the Digital Collections of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

Source: National and University Library in Zagreb